Our by-laws state that each client must provide specific documents to receive assistance. This documentation must be updated every 3 months. Client files are established in the name of the householder. However, documentation is required for every person in the household wishing to receive assistance.

Working Clients must bring a current pay stub every visit to receive extra food benefits. 

Required documentation – for each adult in the household (including adult children that are 18 or older) we require the following documentation:

  • Current* proof of Broken Arrow or Coweta address (current utility bill or legal/dated mail)
  • Valid Driver’s License or Photo ID
  • Current* proof of income 
    • Pay stub, Award letters for any form of government assistance (including, but not limited to: Unemployment Compensation, Workman’s Compensation, Food Stamps/SNAP, Disability, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Sooner Care, Heartland and TANF)**

Required documentation – for each child in the household:

  • Copy of birth certificate (or immunization record)

*Date must be within 30 days of actual date

**A copy of awards/benefits letters may be obtained by contacting DHS at 1-877-653-4798

You can request an appointment for our food pantry or other agency services by submitting your information on our Appointment Request link on our website.