About Us

Broken Arrow Neighbors is an interfaith organization that provides basic needs emergency assistance to more than 13,000 financially disadvantaged people in the Broken Arrow area. A significant number of these clients require multiple visits to Broken Arrow Neighbors to build on services that help them regain or maintain their desired level of

We are people of all faiths who believe that meeting the needs of the under-served, financially disadvantaged, and the elderly is a community responsibility. To some, Broken Arrow Neighbors makes the difference between continuing to live independently or becoming just another government statistic – homeless and broken.

Broken Arrow Neighbors reaches out to those in need. We nourish the body with food and the spirit with respect and dignity. We are gentle with the angry, patient with the trying, firm with the weak, supportive to the struggling, a companion to the lonely and hospitable to all.

As we look back at the past year, who could have foreseen such a downturn in the economy or the many challenges our entire country would face? Broken Arrow Neighbors has felt the effects twofold; the tremendous increase in requests for assistance and the decrease in donations. Many of those that at one time supported the agency are now having to seek assistance.

The staff and volunteers have refocused their efforts to ensure that BAN continues to provide food, financial assistance, medical and dental care and many other services to our neighbors in need.

In these times of such uncertainty, it is very comforting for the thousands of clients that depend on us to know, that even in the face of adversity, Broken Arrow Neighbors’ volunteers and staff along with the strong support of this wonderful community will continue its mission of “assistance with dignity.”