BAN volunteers…please remember to write your absences in the 3 ring notebook at the sign in desk.

BAN is looking for volunteers to help fill roles as Interviewers. If you know of someone who might be interested in joining our team, please contact Megan at or 918-505-7420. 

BAN is looking for volunteers who are interested in serving as dental assistants, dentists, or hygienists in our dental clinic. If interested, please contact Sherri at or 918-505-7422.

  BAN is looking for a volunteer physician interested in serving through our no-cost medical clinic on the first Monday of each month (except if holiday or clinic cancellation).  If interested, please contact Kim at or 918.505.7419.


April Birthdays

Carol S          4/2

Danny S          4/8

Elaine S          4/10

Jessica V          4/18

Karen B          4/19

Beverly F          4/19

Linda B          4/25

Hilarie K          4/26

Victoria J          4/28

Tanya F          4/29