“Broken Arrow Non-Profit Hit with Vandals Twice in One Week”

Tulsa’s Channel 8 – Sept. 6, 2013


One Broken Arrow non-profit organization has been hit with vandals for two consecutive days this week.

Broken Arrow Neighbors provides food and assistance to more than 4,000 people in need. On Wednesday the organization found their van windows were broken out and donations thrown across their yard.

“When arriving to the agency…we discovered that the side window of one of  our vans had been broken out, and several bags of donations and their  contents had been scattered about our yard,” Executive Director Kim Goddard said.

According to a report from Tulsa’s Channel 8’s community newspaper partner, the Broken Arrow Ledger, Goddard said when she arrived at work on Thursday she found the front windshield of the same van had been shattered and two windows in the food storage warehouse had been broken.

“Donations were thrown all over the front porch with some items destroyed,” Goddard said. “It’s almost like someone’s being vindictive.”

Goddard told the newspaper a shed was also broken into in March 2013 and November 2012, in addition to food and a grocery cart gone missing.

She said it’s the goal of the non-profit agency to keep their overhead costs low to be able to assist those in need with all of their available resources.

“Acts of violence of this nature eventually force maintenance costs to increase along with added security measures,” Goddard said.

Anyone with information regarding the break-in should call the Broken Arrow Police Department at 918-259-8400.

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