Due to Virus concerns, we will be canceling the BA Community Book Fair that is scheduled in April. 



The Broken Arrow Community book pantry/fair is held Bi-monthly with all proceeds benefiting Broken Arrow Neighbors!  

Please show your support by buying used books or making a book donation to the pantry!


Location: 201 W. Houston Street, Broken Arrow. 

Time: 8-5pm

2020 dates include: 

February 7th/8th/14th/15th

April 3rd/4th/10th/11th

June 5th/6th/12th/13th

August 7th/8th/14th/15th

October 2nd/3rd/9th/10th

December 4th/5th/11th/12th 


If there are any questions, please contact us at 918-251-7781 . 


Book sale volunteers are working each Wednesday morning from 8 to 11 sorting and shelving donations! We would prefer donations to be left at the sale location at 201 W. Houston, Broken Arrow. 

We appreciate your support of our BA Community Book Fair!