Broken Arrow Neighbors’ cup runneth over

Posted: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 3:39 pm

By Jo-Ann Jennings
Staff Writer

BAN goal reached

WHAT’S GOING ON? — Spectators watched with expectation as wine was poured into a giant glass to surpass the goal raised by Wine, Eats, and Easels.

When Broken Arrow Neighbors Executive Director Kim Goddard faced a crowd at the Rose District Farmers Market Pavilion Wednesday morning, she announced that BAN was just a little more than $25,964 shy of the more than $952,564 needed to secure a Mabee End of Campaign matching gift of $200,000 toward their new comprehensive community resource center.

Goddard and those gathered held their breath as they waited to hear if the donation expected in minutes would surpass that goal.

To the amazement and delight of everyone, BAN board members began pouring wine into a giant wine class to illustrate how much money was to be donated from the Wine, Eats and Easel event held June 13, an event directed by a committee of dedicated Broken Arrow residents.

When the board members began to pour bottles of wine into the glass, it had been filled to the mark of $927,500, illustrating money already raised. When the waterfall of wine reached the goal mark of $952,564, the board members just kept pouring until wine flowed over the rim and down the sides of the glass.

Then the Wine, Eats and Easel check to BAN was unveiled, revealing the donation was $60,000.

Through tears, Goddard expressed how grateful she was for the outpouring of support from all those who made the fundraising event possible.

Goddard said this has been an extremely challenging year. She had not been sure she could run a capital campaign. “There has been a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes dedication,” she said. “Thank you for pouring us over our goal.”

The announcement of the $60,000 toward the BAN comprehensive community resource center was followed by the unveiling of the new BAN logo.

The date for the next Wine, Eats, and Easels was announced as June 12, 2015.

According to Magnum Construction the building should be finished by mid-August. It will then take a few weeks to get moved in and set up in the new facility.

“Wine, Eats & Easels” is an annual event that not only promotes social community, but also showcases the City of Broken Arrow through Main Street, the Farmers Market and BA Historical Museum.

The 2014 committee members were LaTonya Cundiff, Kate Buster, Kelley Rash, Randy Swearengin, David Blue, Adam Foreman, Jo McCord, Debbie Murphy and Mark Suffal.