BAN gets $250,000 foundation donation

December 17, 2014 (BA Ledger) by John Ferguson


Christmas came early for the Broken Arrow Neighbors organization.

Kim Goddard had no idea about what was going to happen Wednesday, Dec. 17.

Well, the Broken Arrow Neighbors executive director did have an inkling she might be part of a First National Bank advertising campaign.

Little did Goddard know what was coming. She accepted FNB’s collected children’s presents and heard that bank employees would work the BAN food pantry. The big surprise, however, was coming next for Goddard.

Jim Beavers, representing the St. Francis Medical Foundation, presented a $250,000 check to BAN.

It was a surprising and emotional moment for Goddard.

“I’m very humbled to be part of this community,” Goddard said. “It’s not often I’m speechless.”

The foundation has given to a number of charities over the years. Beavers and others went to bat for BAN because “they do a really fine job.”

It was fitting that the ceremony was held in the FNB lobby.

The late FNB Chairman of the Board, Scott Graham, was on the St. Francis board and his wife, Anne, is a current board member at BAN.

Introducing Beavers was Greg Graham, the bank’s current Chairman of the Board.

Greg listened closely to Goddard’s idea to be part of the bank’s billboard campaign. However, this day belonged to BAN and a $250,000 shot in the arm for those in need.549204aa81847.image